1. Nitro:
  2. County Durham Brewing
    Blak Katt

  3. Wellington Brewery
    UVB-76 Roman

    (Russian Imperial Stout)
  4. Black Oak Brewing Company
    Nox Aeterna

    (Oatmeal Stout)
  5. Bières de Chimay
    Chimay Rouge Rood

    (Belgian Dubbel)
  6. Left Field Brewery
    Squeeze Play

    (Black Currant Sour )
  7. Blood Brothers Brewing
    Paradise Lost: Yuzu

    (Gose w/Citrus)
  8. Niagara Oast House Brewers
    Black Sow'r Stout

    (Sour Stout)
  9. The Exchange Brewery
    Belgian Stout

    (Belgian Stout)
  10. Big Rig Brewery
    Big Boot Hefe

  11. Von Bugle Brewing
    Munich Lager

    (Munich Dunkel Lager)
  12. Beau's
    Lug Tread

    (Golden Ale)
  13. Black Oak
    Pale Ale

    (Pale Ale )
  1. Muddy York
    Sokol Pilsner

    ( Czech Pilsner)
  2. Neustadt Springs

    (Brown Ale)
  3. Great Lakes Brewery
    Miami Weiss

    (Pale Wheat)
  4. Nickel Brook Brewing Co.
    Equilibrium ESB

    (Extra Special Bitter)
  5. Block Three Brewing Co.
    Danger Zone

    (Belgian IIPA)
  6. The Collingwood Brewery
    White's Bay IPA

    ( American IPA)
  7. Left Field Brewery

    (New England IPA)
  8. Cider:
  9. Revel Cider

    (Strawberry Fermented Cider)
  10. Cider:
  11. KW Craft Cider
    Pineapple Spice

    (Spiced Apple/Pineapple Cider)
  12. Cider:
  13. Collective Arts
    Trees Between

    (Apple Cider w/Elderberry)
  14. Cider:
  15. West Ave Cider
    Malus Lupulus

    (Hopped Cider)
  16. Cider:
  17. West Ave Cider
    Heritage Dry

    (Pub Cider)
  18. Granite Brewery
    1812 Porter

    (English Porter)

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